"Every picture is an object of research"


Michael Maschka has proved his skill as a painter, graphic artist and sculptor in more than 20 years of exhibition activity in Germany and abroad. Sice 1996 he has been living and working in Noerdlingen, a medieval town located on Bavaria´s Romantic Road.

"What I want is to let the spiritual realities that manifest in myth become a sensual experience. This could be called the credo of my artistic work."

Thus, the mythical images of Michael Maschka are "descriptions of spiritual states which, seperated from the actual myth, represent its continuation. Here, the quintessence of mythos, that is, the archetype itself, begins a life of its own and spins out its own story" - as Maschka affirms. The starting point for his artistic work is always a concrete, inner experience. "In formal terms, my approach is a realistic one; that means that observation ans representation of the inner image are executed as precisely as possible and with scientific exactitude. In fact, each picture is an object of research." Thus, in his pictures he investigates "the spititual facts behind the world of phenomena." A masterly use of colour and technical perfection are entirely in the service of the credibility of the message.

International exhibitions in France, Denmark and Holland, the Art Prize of the French city of Le Mont Dore as well as a large exhibition in the south of Germany are some of the highlights of the last years for the German artist. Especially worth mentioning are his exhibitions with the "Dali´s Heirs" Artist Group in France and Germany as well as in the European Parlament in Brussels.

Most recently, Michael Maschka has once again directed his focus to the female concept, resulting in a new series of dramatic paintings. These include "The Scream", "Liberation", The Birth of Venus", "Fire and Water","The Lady in the Tower", and many more...